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Vege Apparel Mission

Put simply, Vege Apparel exists to grow the veganism movement. We sell vegan message-wear to plant subtle seeds in the minds of all the future vegans encountered by our customers. People usually don't become vegan upon their first exposure, it's the subtle seeds planted over time that grow into entire trees of compassionate and logical thought. Vege Apparel exists to play a role in the planting of these seeds and the growing of these trees, and is driven to grow as a business not to increase profits for the sake of profits, but to expand the impact we can have on the vegan movement.

Ethical, Sweatshop-Free Production

All Vege Apparel products are 100% sweatshop-free. The blank garments are produced in California and printed on in North Carolina. All workers within our supply chain work for regulated wages in safe working environments, benefits and are paid overtime. 

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